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  Photoshop Tutorials
3D Pipe Planet
A planet formed by pipes in a grid pattern. 1 Create a new document, fill the background with black then create a new layer. ...
3D Anaglyph
1To create an anaglyph, you must have two photographs; one taken with the left eye and one taken with the right eye. Open both of the images you've taken in Photoshop. Tile your windows (Window> Arrange> Tile) both of the images can be seen. While holding the shift key, drag the image tak...
3D Box Art
Learning how to use the built-in lighting effects filter is one of the most important skills you'll ever learn for Photoshop. It allows you to add volume and reality to normal 2D objects. Here we go:...
3D Cliff Text
Lern how to create 3D Cliff Text from this tutorial
Rounded Corners
This is another tutorial written by popular demand - several people have asked how to create a rectangle with Rounded Corners using Photoshop. While there are already several good tutorials which demonstrate techniques for creating smooth interfaces and rounded rectangles...
  Flash Tutorials
SharedObject and You
Hi and welcome to this tutorial. This tutorial covers SharedObject. SharedObject is a kind of cookie for Flash. Though, SharedObject is much more powerful. SharedObject isn't just a way of saving mere strings on the client's hard disk, you can store texts, strings, numbers and even objects. For in.....
Using Local Shared Objects in Flash MX
Before Flash MX, it was pretty tricky to "remeber" the data in a Flash movie - it could be done with a standard browser cookie, which was hard to implement for someone with intermediate Flash skills, using a 3rd party script such as PHP or ASP or (in offline Flash applications) with the undocument.....
update AfterEvent Explained
It appears that most coders use it, but 50% if not more dont actually know why they are using it, what it does or when they should use it. In the latest article for a regular column in a uk based internet magazine; dot net, a self proclaimed actionscript expert implemented updateAfterEvent in his mo...
This function is used internally by the Macromedia Answers Panel as part of the update process. This function is used to save a local copy of a .swf file or a local textfile. This function is exactly the same as the undocumented Flash 5 function, dashboardSave. It can only be used within the Macrome...
ActionScript Programming Tips - Efficiency
One of the misconseptions of programming, is that even though if a piece of code get's something done, it isn't allways the right way. In this series we're taking a look at the efficiency of scripts. The more efficent your scripts are, the faster they are executed in the Flash player. In small pr...

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